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School App

Bus Tracking

With a simple seperate mobile app for the Bus/Van drivers, we have provided the option to track the live position of the vehicle from the parents mobile. If the vehicle is late due to any reason, they can check the current location with less tension.

About Child Notification

Does the child has any extra tallent? Or does he writing the letters in reverse?... Let the parents know. A much appriciated features in our App. The teacher can send a personal notes about the child in one click.

Attendance Alert

The App will send an SMS alert to the parents about the absense, instantly. No matter the student is with the parents or not.. practically this feature saves lifes.

Home Work Notification

All the Home Work information in one place. No anymore missing home works. The teacher will send the details in just one click to all the parents.

School Announcements

Let the parents know what is happening in the school. Any celebrity visit.. sports day celebration.. let the parents know it before and be prepared. No SMS cost.. just push notification.


Put all the photos and videos in one place for the parents. Let the parents view, save and share the photos & videos with any trouble.

About School App

With a proper field research and guidlines from the educational experts we have designed this Mobile App for School - Parent communication.
We have named this App as Parent Ape to respect the powerfull parental practice of the Aps.
They are much more care about their child.

Take a look on App

  • Easy attendence notification.

  • Easy Home work and School Announcement notification feature.

  • A much appriciated freature : About Child notification

  • Live vehicle tracking feature

  • Three separate mobile apps for Teachers, Parents and Bus/Van Drivers

  • Complet configuration and data entry assistance

Our School App screenshots

Initial configuration setup will be done by us. One year complete content management assistance and free Youtube Channel updation.

How it Works

Three separate Mobile Apps for Teachers, Parents and Drivers. All the initial setup will be done by Nick Tech. Once the basic data stored in the database, the Parents has to install the Parent app and need to verify by OTP.

The Teachers can put the Attendance and other notes through the app with less effort. The appearacne will be similar to any message apps like WhatsApp.

The Drivers has to install the Drivers App and needs to verify by OTP. Any private drivers also can install this app based on the proper request to the school.

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